The Ultimate Rose Gold Nursery Decor

Posted by Shayla Ramirez on

The Ultimate Rose Gold Nursery Under $500

Rose Gold is making a comeback! I remember my parents having matching rose gold wedding bands and then my oldest brother also got a similar set when he was married. Now, the beautiful, almost metallic sheen is sweeping the nation and it just screams out beautiful baby girl! It is so easy to pair with other shades of soft pinks, greys and white. This rose gold fad is one I can definitely jump on board with!

The Ultimate Rose Gold Nursery Under $500

Sometimes finding the perfect nursery pallet can be daunting with so many options out there. Often times, things can get the better of us and before we know it we've spent way too much before we've even collected the basics. That's why I put together a little rose gold inspired nursery bundle for UNDER $500! That means staying on budget and getting to spend all that extra cash on clothes and accessories! 


Please note that the links provided are amazon associate links. 

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