Chloé Crochet Wood Bead Teething Toy - beaded teether purple pink white teething baby gift Late Night Luna
Chloé Crochet Wood Bead Teething Toy teething ring baby holding beaded teether - Late Night Luna
Stuffed animal with Chloé Crochet Wood Bead Teething Toy - Late Night Luna

Chloé Crochet Wood Bead Teething Toy

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Chloé with its soft purples and pinks is a beautiful toy for any baby girl! Designed with your little ones in mind, our teething toys are made using only natural materials. Each toy is double strung on strong waxed cotton cord to ensure safety and durability.

Made using natural, organic wood beads, cotton yarn and waxed cotton cord. These teething toys are a much safer alternative to plastic teethers that can leach chemicals into our children's blood stream. Give your baby something natural to get them through the teething process.

Our teething toys have undergone third party testing and pass all of CPSC safety standards for children 0-18 months of age. This includes chemical and use and abuse testing. While durable to be used as a teether this product contains small parts that could pose a hazard if toy were to break. This toy is not recommended for children older than 2 years of age and adult supervision is required. Please inspect toy prior to each use and discard if toy becomes damaged. Buyer assumes all responsibilities.