All wood bead pacifier clip and beaded teething toy Honeycomb Gift Set - Late Night Luna
Baby in green bonnet sleeping with baby bracelet and natural wood bead teether Honeycomb Gift Set - Late Night Luna
Flatlay using baby items Honeycomb Gift Set - Late Night Luna
Baby holding wood bead pacifier clip Honeycomb Gift Set - Late Night Luna

Honeycomb Gift Set

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Honeycomb is made using untreated organic wood beads making it 100% natural and environmentally friendly! Let’s take the toxic plastics out of our babies mouths and replace them with safe, natural and sustainable products! 

Research has continuously proven that wood teethers are much safer for babies than plastic ones. Plastic can leach chemicals into a baby’s blood stream that may disrupt hormonal balance and even lead to cancer. This is why we only use natural materials in our teethers! We use safe, untreated, chemical free wood that is sustainable and naturally antibacterial. 

Each pacifier clip and teething toy is designed and handmade in California making each unique and one of a kind.

Gently spot clean with warm water and mild soap. Never soak, boil or machine wash/dry. Failure to follow proper cleaning instructions can cause damage to the item. 

WARNING: While durable enough to be used as a teething toy this product contains small parts that can be of a choking hazard. Inspect product for loose parts before each use. Adult supervision is required.

**Buyer assumes all responsibility.**