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Jade Crochet Wood Bead Teething Toy

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Jade with its soft and fun colors is a perfect way to keep those little hands occupied while developing motor skills. Montessori inspired, this toy makes a wonderful rattle and your child will love the fun sounds of the wood clanking together. 

Babies are constantly putting toys in their mouths, why not give them a toy that is not only meant to be chewed but also made from NATURAL materials! Take those toxic plastics out of their hands and instead replace it with something just as fun but twice as safe and environmentally friendly! 

Designed with your little one in mind, this teething toy is made of organic and natural material. Your little one will surly love this toy as it provides many different colors, textures and shapes. 

Our teething toys are made of 100% natural material. Maple wooden rings and beads with natural cotton yarn! These toys are  double strung on strong waxed cotton cord providing the toy with extra straighten and safety. 

Gently spot clean with warm water and mild soap, allow to air dry. Do not boil or machine wash the toy.

Our teething toys have undergone third party testing and pass all of CPSC safety standards for children 0-18 months of age. This includes chemical and use and abuse testing. While durable to be used as a teether this product contains small parts that could pose a hazard if toy were to break. This toy is not recommended for children older than 2 years of age and adult supervision is required. Please inspect toy prior to each use and discard if toy becomes damaged. Buyer assumes all responsibilities.