First Day of School Comfort Matching Leather Bracelets

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The first day of school can be nerve wracking for everyone, kids and parents. These little comfort bracelets bring piece of mind for parents and kids because they head off to school knowing they have a little piece of each other while apart. 

Need an additional bracelet? Please use the link below to be directed to the matching bracelets!



The leather bracelets make wonderful essential oil diffusers! Simply add a drop of oil to the center of the bracelet and enjoy the benefits throughout the day! This first day of school set comes with one small and one adult adjustable bracelet as well as a beautifully written poem to read to your child before they head off to school. 

The adult size bracelet closes between 6.75-7.75”

The child bracelet closes between 5.5-6.5”

Each bracelet is adjustable allowing you to find the right fit. While our bracelets are designed as a one size fits most model, we do recommend measuring your child’s wrist to ensure fit. Please contact me if you are requesting a custom size.

Please note that the kid bracelet in this set measures differently than both the little and youth size offered in my shop. This bracelet is designed to fit ages 4-10. This size is only available in the First Day of School Comfort Sets.

Some colors may bleed when wet. Bracelet may stretch slightly with use. It is recommended to remove bracelets before showering to prolong the life of the bracelet.